WOW!! Play Tennis at my Student Rental Home

  16 Forest Hill Road

  16 Forest Hill Road

  16 Forest Hill Road

  Bachelor Pad

  Special Main Floor Living Room Adjoins Bedroom

Welcome Students

16 Forest Hill Rd has a tennis court and 6 bedrooms on a direct bus route to Brock University. As a world traveler, travel speaker and Brock Alumni, I fully understand what it feels like to be away from home and dealing with a new culture and language. I can assure you that you have chosen the best house to rent a room and country to pursue your studies.

Caring Landlord

Tired of bad landlords? My goal is to be the best landlord you have ever had and to make sure your stay in my homes is comfortable while providing affordable rent, expose you to cultural activities while giving you the privacy you need and help if the need arises within minutes.

Great Location

The 16 Forest Hill Rd Home is less than a 1 minute walk to the bus stop. Take bus #316 to Brock or downtown within minutes. Buses for both homes takes you to the Pen Centre or Wal-Mart Tenants may use any of my 3 bicycles for recreational cycling or to school.

So Many Great Reasons To Stay

BrockUstudentrooms offers a very unique and special student rental home in St. Catharines that value and appreciate the following:

Great Rooms: Fully furnished rooms of different sizes and rental prices to suit your budget that are bright, warm, carpeted including plenty of natural light.

Great Price: summer rates are as low as $400. And a Special Bedroom for 1 student that includes a private bathroom and partial kitchen.

Great Recreational Opportunities: 16 Forest Hill Rd: tennis court!!!! – the only student rental with a fabulous private tennis court. Also, play badminton

Great Service: Limited free rides to Brock, the grocery store, the bus station, the Pen Centre! No cleaning or shoveling snow!)

Great Home: private decks, BBQ, fire and CO2 detectors on each floor and tennis court

Great Benefits: Free Utilities & Internet, Laundry Room, plus Hot Pot, Halloween, Christmas & Chinese New Year parties are allowed plus friends are allowed to visit.

Great Cultural Opportunities: lots of advice on how to enjoy Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Morningstar Mill, White Meadows Maple Syrup Farm, Balls Falls Craft show, summer festivals at Montebello Park (downtown) and more

Great Flexible Leases: 1-12 month leases, length of lease and price of room depends on the time of year.

Great Location: Only a 1 minute walk to the bus stop with quick access to Brock, many grocery stores and downtown!

Great Extras: Tennis court, use of my 3 bicycles for recreational cycling or to school, pots/pans/dishes.